How to Make it Work: Across the Globe

Train hello/goodbye

Traveling to make it work

The reality of seeing your love every couple of months can be tough at times. However, as anyone in a long-distance relationship can confirm, there’s no one else you would rather be with and what is distance to the heart? ♥

Here are some of my tips:

  • Communication is Key!: Due to the fact that you can’t physically see one another, you must practice your communication skills as well as possible. With all the technologies we have today, reaching your loved one is accessible.
  • Be Creative: Whether it’d be through sending a silly picture, writing a song, or mailing a letter, little things can keep the romance alive and fun, making the miles apart seem less.
  • Express Yourself: Couples who live in the same zip code have problems with this so imagine those who can’t have the power of touch to stay connected. Share your day and make your partner feel cherished. (Reference: AskMen)
  • Clear Expectations: The most important secret is explained by Dr. Greg Guldner, director of the Center for the Study of Long-Distance Relationships saying that 70% of LDR fail because they don’t set ground rules from the start.

Never feel discouraged! Here are 10 reasons long-distance relationships are awesome √


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